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Feta cheese

With it’s soft, crumbly texture & agreeable tangy, salty flavour Feta cheese is an essential ingredient to Greek cuisine. Feta is awarded PDO status ensuring that it is only produced from the milk of sheep & goat’s herds from specific Greek regions

Greek artisanal cheeses

Discover our selection of authentic Greek cheeses

Meet our Feta Producers: Roussas Dairy

…......The mountainous region of Thessaly provides free ranging herds with a huge variety of grass & wild herbs that are unique to the area, the aroma of which is evident in the milk they produce and its this rich biodiversity that gives our Feta its distinctive flavour.

Discover our selection of authentic Greek cheeses, from artisanal small producers using milk from local herds. Most hold precious PDO status or artisan origin, which guarantees their provenance and quality.

Kaseri PDO: Semi-hard ewe’s milk pale yellow cheese with a PDO status. It needs to mature at least 3 months after its production to acquire its smooth, springy texture and its mild, buttery flavor that becomes more complex and spicy with aging. Pungent aroma yet a sweet aftertaste derived from the high use of sheep’s milk.

Kefalotyri: A light yellow, hard-textured cheese from ewe’s and goat’s milk that requires a minimum 3 month maturing period. Rich, salty, ripe taste with a pleasant spiciness and nutty aromas, this cheese is used to make the traditional Greek “Saganaki” dish.  

Manouri PDO: A semi-soft, fresh, white whey cheese, Manouri is produced in central & northern regions of Greece, from ewe’s & goat’s milk with the addition of cream. Its rich taste and buttery, firm texture make this cheese ideal for both sweet & savoury dishes.  

Mastelo: A full fat white cheese from pasteurised cow’s milk traditionally made in the island of Chios. With a semi- soft, elastic texture and milky aromas, Mastelo’s light, salty taste becomes moreish when grilled.  

Graviera Naxou PDO - 2 years matured: A pale, under-colour, hard cheese from cow’s (80%) & ewe’s (20%) milk produced in the island of Naxos. Exceptional Greek cheese matured for 2 years, has a light aroma and slightly piquant taste.

Arseniko Naxou with oregano Named “male” in Greek to underline its strong character, an artisan cheese made from pasteurized goat’s, sheep’s and cow’s milk in the island of Naxos. Pungent aromas and a robust, spicy flavor with intense herby oregano notes.  

Cretan Smoked Cheese: A hard cheese from Crete made with pasteurised goat’s and ewe’s milk, smoked with natural beech wood and matured for at least 3 months. Intense, earthy aromas with a rich, smoky flavor.  

Galotiri PDO: Soft, crumbly cheese that matures in containers with added milk. Made from ewe’s & goat’s milk in Epirus and Thessaly, it has a freshly sour, herby taste and a yoghurt-like texture.

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