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Yoghurt & Kefir

Odysea organic yoghurt and kefir are produced in the mountainous region of Drama in Northern Greece by a dairy formed by a small farmers’ cooperative, using milk from herds that graze in the local pastures.

The cooperative dairy is certified for organic animal husbandry; raising their own animals and producing their own animal feed. A carefully selected mix of organic seeds and greens is cultivated by the farm and used to meet the nutritional needs of the animals. The animals are very well cared for with high welfare standards in place and are free to roam daily on the fields surrounding the dairy.  The herds shelter in large barns which have a sprinkler system to keep them cool during the hot summer months.

The dairy exclusively uses its own organic milk for the production of our yoghurt and kefir. There are two daily milk deliveries, the morning one is used for the production of fermented products and the evening delivery is used for the production of fresh milk. Yoghurt production is completed just 48 hours after the milk is collected.

The milk is heat-treated in traditional vats and is not homogenised so as to ensure nutrients are not destroyed.  When using non-homogenised milk the fat molecules are not broken down into the milk but instead, they float to the surface of the yoghurt to form a delicious creamy clotted top that is characteristic of the traditional greek yoghurt.

Live cultures in greek yoghurt improve lactose digestion of the product in individuals who have difficulty digesting lactose. Goat’s milk is also naturally low in lactose and easier to digest making this Greek authentic yoghurt a gentler choice than cow’s milk yoghurt.

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