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Alexandros Gousiaris produces our organic pressed tomatoes using heirloom seeds that his family have cultivated for more than 100 years.  Alexandros and his small team sow, nurture and harvest the tomatoes by hand and press them on their farm in Karditsa, central Greece.

The production of the tomatoes, together with his production of raw honey sustains the small village of Ilias of c.35 inhabitants

“we inherited a sack of seeds and came to love the earth in which they grow, we respected the cultivation and production methods that were used long before industrialised farming began.  With a great deal of effort, know-how and experimentation we are able to offer pressed tomatoes that bring back the flavours of yesterday” Alexandros

The production of Alex’s tomatoes featured in the Oscar nominated documentary When Tomatoes Met Wagner.  The film tells the humorous and uplifting story of two ingenious Greek cousins and five village women, who tackle the world market with their home grown tomatoes. It premiered at the prestigious Berlin International Film Festival (February 2019) and was the Greek official selection for the 92nd Academy Awards for the Best International Feature Film category.

Told with great warmth and humour, When Tomatoes Met Wagner is a study of reinvention, persistence and teamwork in the toughest of economic times.

In a tiny Greek village, hit hard by the economic crisis, When Tomatoes Met Wagner finds two cousins thinking creatively about their farmland. With ingenuity, patience and the help of five grannies, Christo and Alexandros are branching out into the international food market, exporting jars of their organic goods across the world. They may be up against cheaper, homogenised seeds and more regular produce, but their tomatoes have something special going for them – they ripen to sounds of Wagner.

Photo credit: @myrtophoto for the film ‘When Tomatoes met Wagner’

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