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Feta Cheese

Feta is Greece's most popular cheese, and with good reason!

Feta cheese is one of the most popular Greek cheeses and with good reason. It’s creamy, tangy, full-flavoured known best as a table cheese but its versatility and unique character has made it a cheese lovers’ favourite. You can crumble feta on warm and cold salads but it is equally wonderful when sizzled and baked giving dishes a very special touch. And of course, baked Feta can be stirred through pasta for a delicious creamy dish, as we’ve all recently seen on TikTok!

FETA & PDO Authentic Feta can only come from Greece and has to come from certain specific regions, namely Macedonia, Thrace, Epirus, Thessaly, central Greece, the Peloponnese and the prefecture of Lesvos. The reason for this has less to do with nationalism and more to do with ecology.

Greece in general and the mountainous regions in particular are ecologically rich and diverse.  According to the Greek Ministry for the Environment, there are over 5,500 different recorded species of flora in Greece, about a 1,000 of those species are endemic to the land and over 700 of those may be found only in Greece.

That’s what the sheep and goats are eating, and it comes through in their milk.

This biodiversity was one of the central factors leading the EU granting PDO status to Feta. In the opinion of the Commission, biodiversity coupled with the special breeds of sheep and goats used for milk gave Feta a specific aroma and flavor

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