Life evolves around the kitchen table in Greece and we want everything we create to reflect that

For the past 30 years Odysea has worked with specialist suppliers to bring the finest Greek and Mediterranean products to the UK. During that time we have grown our range around the awareness of the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet.

Life evolves around the kitchen table in Greece and our products reflect that – we only sell food that we would happily share with our own family.

Every product we supply has a story or something special about it, perhaps because it comes from a producer who serenades their goats with classical music, painstakingly transports their beehives by boat, or hand picks perfectly ripe olives.

You can really taste the passion and dedication in every end product.
Our Producers

What matters to us?

At Odysea everything we do is built on loyalty and relationships, whether that’s with our producers, our customers or within our Odysea team.

We are proud to be a point of reference for authentic Mediterranean foods, with a specific expertise on all things Greek.

We will never compromise on value, quality, service or authenticity.

We’ve nurtured solid friendships and long-term, sustainable partnerships with our producers, many of whom we’ve worked with since we began back in 1991. This allows us to guarantee quality and authenticity that mass production methods may fail to match.


What are we good at?

We’ve learnt a lot during the past 30 years and are proud to have:

  • an exceptional knowledge & understanding of Greek & Mediterranean cuisine
  • a proven passion for supplying products with provenance & heritage
  • the ability to source exceptional ingredients for a whole host of customers from delicatessens & Michelin star restaurants to national supermarket chains, food halls and airlines
  • a continuous hunger to discover the next delicious product to share with the UK market