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Roussas Galotyri PDO (180g)

Roussas Galotyri PDO (180g)

Supreme Champion Great Taste Awards 2023



A soft cheese with a creamy texture, without skin, with a slightly acidic, pleasantly cool taste, rich aroma, particularly popular for its digestive properties.

The title of Supreme Champion at this year’s Great Taste – crowned as the best of all the 14,195 products entered into the accreditation scheme in 2023.

Galotyri is one of the oldest cheeses from the Thessaly region of central Greece with PDO status since 1996, and was traditionally made for domestic consumption. However, the Roussas family discovered a way to produce it at scale whilst faithfully following the techniques of their nomadic Sarakatsani ancestors, one of the oldest Greek tribes devoted to cheese making. Roussas Dairy still uses milk collected daily from the surrounding mountains and ages the cheese for two months in traditional cloths to achieve its unique flavour.

Roussas Galotyri stands out for its freshness, unique texture, and rich, refreshing taste. An excellent cheese awarded PDO status, low in fat and ideal for those who follow a balanced diet. It is produced at the company’s facilities in Almyros Magnesia from sheep and goat milk collected daily from the surrounding mountainous areas.

As it can be smeared beautifully over crispy bread or crackers it is usually offered as an appetizer and it can be enjoyed either plain or with the addition of spices. Amazing for salads, an ideal accompaniment to breakfast, summer tomato, but also a very tasty ingredient in the famous Greek Pies.


Pasteurised sheep & goat milk, sea salt, culture.

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

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