Odysea Sheep’s Milk Feta Cheese - New !

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Odysea Feta Cheese

Made exclusively with sheep’s milk for a mild, creamy and smoother tasting Feta…

Our Feta was specially sourced from the Roussas Dairy in Thessaly, central Greece, an area acclaimed for the production of superior quality feta and awarded PDO status.

The mountainous region of Thessaly provides free ranging herds with a huge variety of grass and wild herbs that are unique to the area, the aroma of which is evident in the milk they produce.  It is this rich biodiversity combined with special breeds of sheep that give the Feta it’s distinctive flavour.

The Roussas Dairy is owned by a third generation feta producing family.  The family are justifiably proud of their heritage and trace their roots back to the nomadic Sarakatsani tribe.  The Sarakatsani tribe was famous for their Feta producing skills and once roamed the mountains of Thessaly, Macedonia and Epirus to graze their herds.

Today the dairy is located in Almyros, Thessaly and the cheese is still produced according to traditional methods in their state of the art modern dairy.

Available at Waitrose and www.odysea.com

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