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Midweek meal ideas for the family

What’s for dinner? We hear that question every day, and yet never seem to have an easy answer. That’s why we’re celebrating all the different ways that Odysea products can take the pressure off midweek. After a busy day, weeknight meals should focus on flavour and bringing the family together with minimal fuss. Find out how our store cupboard staples make that even easier…

Stir it in

Delia Smith famously selected Odysea roasted red peppers and aubergine imam as her recommended ingredients in ‘How to Cheat at Cooking’ back in 2008. But is it really cheating… or just winning? We often grab a jar of Odysea goodness, stir it through our favourite carb and serve it with a salad — and we’re proud to call it dinner. Roasted aubergine imam is delicious with rigatoni or tubes of Garganelli pasta, our seafood salad pairs with fettuccine, lemon and a dash of cream, or you can keep it classic with heirloom tomato pasta sauce. It’s not cheating, we promise.

Don’t forget the feta

Feta is our essential midweek meal ingredient: you can crumble it over anything and call it dinner. We love baking feta with baby tomatoes and a jar of roasted peppers — and sometimes stirring cooked pata through to make an Odysea version of the baked feta recipe that went viral on TikTok. For an even quicker dinner, sandwich feta with wilted spinach and you’ve got a decadent Spanakopita-style toastie too.

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One pot wonders

Halloumi Tomato Pasta

The less washing up the better in our experience. This one-pot pasta with grated halloumi is a clever way to cook up penne pasta, or give Odysea chickpeas an Indian twist in a one-pot chana masala recipe that’s delicious served with rice or toasted flatbreads. A good midweek meal should be all about flavour, and less fuss.

Seasonal Squash

hasselback squash recipe picture

Roasted pumpkin with date molasses is one of those ‘pop it in the oven and forget about it’ midweek dinners, that’s best served with quick-cook couscous and chopped dates. For something fancier (but just as easy) score and roast butternut squash halves with pomegranate molasses for another hearty dinner. Squash are now in season and truly shine when simply roasted in the oven, so get creative with adding mixed grains, cheese or winter salad for a colourful, seasonal supper.

We love hearing about your midweek meal successes on social, so tag us @odysea_ltd #feedingconversations.

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