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A New Range of Organic Tomata Perasti Sauces

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November 2011

A new range of organic Tomata Perasti Sauces

"...our Perasti sauces have a wonderful 'old-fashioned' tomato flavour"

Perasti sauce with carrot and celeryPerasti sauce with basilPerasti sauce with olivesPerasti sauce with chilliPerasti tomato sauce

Our Perasti pressed tomato sauces are produced by Alexandros Gousiaris on his family farm in the small village of Ilias in central Greece.

The tomatoes Alexandros grows are cultivated without the use of chemical fertilisers or insecticides and are grown from heirloom seeds that have been cultivated in this region for more than a century. This ensures that our Perasti sauces have a wonderful ‘old-fashioned’ tomato flavour.

The tomatoes are carefully selected for ripeness before being harvested by hand and are then pressed and strained to produce a ‘Perasti’ sauce, before being mixed with select organic ingredients to create our range of sauces.

The four new Perasti sauces were created following the success of our original Tomata Perasti which was awarded a gold star at the Great Taste Awards. All are excellent served with pasta, on pizza or to use as a base for soups and casseroles.

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Perasti sauces are available online at odysea.com

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