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Meze Dips

Small plates, big flavours

An exciting range of bold flavours that are perfect for entertaining Greek style.

Meze, much like Antipasti and Tapas, is a series of small plates offering a mouthwatering array of intense flavours, ranging from something as simple as a plate of Kalamata olives or Feta drizzled with olive oil, to the more sophisticated ‘Dolmadakia’ stuffed vine leaves. Usually a selection of Meze is served as a meal, but when served individually they also make excellent appetisers.

Meze is an important part of Greek cuisine and caters to the Greeks passion for sharing fine food and good company over a glass of ouzo or wine.

Meze is perfect for informal or impromptu get-togethers and picnics as they are easy to prepare in advance or at short notice.

Odysea has made it even easier with an extensive range of exquisitely flavoured Meze products which includes Aubergine Meze, Kalamata Olive Meze with Capers and Sun Dried Tomato Meze that are perfectly complimented by our range of succulent Greek olives and pita bread. Just add friends and drinks!

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