Feta & Yoghurt Spread, Pickled Fennel & Wild Fig Compote

Making wild fig compote is a very onerous and lengthy process and I was thrilled to come across the Odysea x Kew Wild Fig Compote saving of the trouble making it myself. I cut the figs and serve as part of dessert, chop finely and drizzle with their syrup over yogurt or ice cream or serve with hard, savoury cheese.

In these quick canapes, the fig suits the saltiness of the Odysea Feta and Yogurt Spread and is complimented by the acidity and aroma of the pickled fennel and fennel pollen. Crushed, dry-fried fennel seeds are good substitute for fennel pollen.


1 packet mini croustades (24 piece)

100g of Odysea Feta and Yogurt Spread


For the pickled fennel

1 Fennel root

50ml White wine

1 tbsp Caster sugar

1 Bay leaf

5 Green pepper corns


To serve

2 figs from a jar of Odysea x Kew Wild Fig Compote

1 tsp Fennel pollen or crushed fennel seeds

Fresh fennel flowers (optional)


  1. To make the pickled fennel, trim and slice thinly the fennel bulb. Cut the slices in very small cubes (brunoise).
  2. Bring the white wine, 50ml of water, sugar, bay leaf and pepper corns to a quick boil. Add the fennel cubes bring to the boil again and transfer to your freezer to chill quickly for a few minutes. Then store in the fridge until needed. Before using drain the pickling liquid and pat dry the fennel cubes.
  3. Slice the figs in half from top to bottom and then cut again each half into six slices.
  4. If you are using fennel seeds, absence of fennel pollen, fry them over medium heat in a dry pan to release their aroma and crush roughly in a pestle and mortar. Spoon the feta and yogurt spread into a piping bag.  This will help you fill the croustades.
  5. Spoon some dried pickled fennel in the bottom of each croustade,  top with some feta and yogurt spread and finish with a slice of fig. Sprinkle with the fennel pollen or seeds and decorate with fresh fennel flowers if available.