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Karyatis Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L

Karyatis Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L



Our everyday, all-rounder extra virgin olive oil, Karyatis Extra Virgin Olive Oil now available in handy one-litre tins. A cook’s best friend when it comes to cooking, frying, grilling and baking where you want a healthy choice with a bit of flavour and prefer to save your more premium or organic oils for drizzling and finishing.

Produced in southwestern Peloponnese, it has a fresh, grassy aroma with a slightly peppery finish. This southern tip of mainland Greece is prized for its superior quality extra virgin olive oil, where all the olives are harvested traditionally by hand to produce an excellent value everyday olive oil.

A glug of Karyatis also makes a delicious salad dressing and elegant chocolate halva cookies too.

Additional Information

Karyatis Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1L tin), produced in southwestern Peloponnese, strong & peppery with fresh, grassy aroma.

Storage Information

Store away from light and heat.

At cold temperatures the oil becomes cloudy and will start to solidify. This is natural and will disappear when returned to room temperature.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil (100%)

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