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The Agricultural Cooperative of Rovies is tucked away in the hillsides of the picturesque Greek island of Evia.It is here at this single estate grove that the olives are hand selected from the breathtaking array of trees that span as far as the eye can see down to the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea.

Coupled with the shelter provided by the rugged mountains to the north, the grove boasts the perfect surroundings and ideal micro-climate for the cultivation of premium Greek olives.

Rovies is one of a handful of groves that continues to harvest their olives by hand. This traditional method reduces the likelihood of bruising and damage to the fruit. Olives are cured the same day as harvested and packed, by hand, on site.

The vast majority of the grove has been certified organic. Natural fertilisers are only ever used and in the non-organic areas pests are controlled solely by environmentally friendly mechanical traps and not by chemical sprays.

Visiting Rovies

If you wish to escape from it all and relax in real peace and quiet then why not take a trip to Rovies yourself and stay in the Eleonas Agrotourist Hotel, located within the grove itself. for further details.

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