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New Product: Odysea New Season Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our  Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced with hand-picked Megaritiki olives from groves located in the area of Corinth in The Peloponnese.

This very special oil is harvested at the beginning of the season while the olives are
not yet fully ripe and are still young & green.  These olives yield less oil than when fully ripe, but they produce an oil of exceptional quality and flavour

Our early harvest oil is a  medium to robust oil with an attractive aroma of wet greenery, herbs, stalks and leaves and a distinctive but gentle bitterness.

A huge salad bowl of flavours reminiscent of strong leaves including rocket, watercress, chicory and mustard leaf along with radishes and broccoli. Plenty of bitterness and warm spicy pepper are well balanced by the strong fruity tones all of which linger into the excellent after taste.  This oil is best suited to drizzling over salads or used for dipping so the full flavour of the oil can be appreciated



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