Sweet Greece Odysea Honey Hamper

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  • Sweet Greece Odysea Honey Hamper
  • Sweet Greece Odysea Honey Hamper

Sweet Greece Odysea Honey Hamper

Addressed to lovers of sweet things, this bundle brings together all four of our Greek Honey varieties, each with its unique character and distinctive taste profile.

Odysea honeys are produced in Greece by our artisan bee-keeper Alexandros Gousiaris. Alexandros lovingly tends to his hives throughout the year, moving them seasonally to give the bees access to different native herbs and flora as well as protect them from harsh winter weather. Our honeys are raw, cold-extracted, unpasteurised and unprocessed, ensuring their nutritional properties are preserved.

Sweet Greece Odysea Gift Bag includes:
Pine & Fir Tree Honey 480g, dark amber, with woody notes & a subtle sweetness.
Wild Thyme & Fragrant Herb Honey 480g, light golden coloured, intensely sweet & fragrant.
Oak Tree Honey - Limited Edition 250g, robust honeydew with a complex character.
Spring Blossom Honey - Limited edition 250g, delicate raw honey with floral notes.

Packed in our special edition red jute tote featuring the characteristic "Tsarouhi", the shoe of the uniform of Evzones, the historical Greek light infantry units that serve as members of the Presidential Guard today.

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Additional Information

Sweet Greece Odysea Honey Hamper (2.15 KG)
Producer Odysea, 2 Dorma Trading Park, London E10 7QX


Dietary Information

Vegetarian Yes
Vegan No
Gluten Free Yes
Lactose Free Yes
Nut Free Yes
Egg Free Yes
Wheat and Derivate Free Yes
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