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Browse our award-winning selection of the finest foods from Greece and the wider Aegean region including hand-selected, traditionally-cured Greek olives, premium Greek extra virgin olive oils, feta and traditional Greek cheese, Greek meze, honey and other specialty products.


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“The first time I came across pomegranate molasses, I was expecting it to be incredibly sweet and as bright in color as the jewel-like seeds. What
 I found instead was a deep, dark syrup with an intense sour flavour and
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Pomegranate Fattoush Salad

“As a kid, I could never understand why the adults in my family would fight over the salad bowl, dunking their bread into the juices at the bottom. I came to see the error of my ways and now know…
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Pomegranate fiz

There is no festive get together without some bubbly. We splashed a drop of pomegranate molasses in our prosecco! It works wonders.…
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