Odysea olive and buckwheat flatbreads

With Odysea olive tapenade, Odysea roasted peppers, fresh tomatoes and marinated courgette.

Serves 4: Prep time – 30 minutes


Odysea Olive and Buckwheat Flatbreads

400g Buckwheat flour + extra for rolling
250g Plant-based yoghurt
100g Odysea Alexandria olives (Kalamata only), chopped into small pieces


Odysea olive tapenade

100g Odysea Alexandria olives (green only)

1 small Garlic clove, peeled and crushed


Marinated courgette

1 large Courgette
2 tbsp Chania Crete Olive oil

One Lemon, zest only
1⁄2 tsp Chili flakes
1⁄4 tsp Salt


To serve

One fresh tomato cut into thin circles, with a handful or leaves, washed a dried.



Place the flour, yoghurt and olives together in a medium sized bowl and mix together to form a dough. You can start mixing using a spoon and then bring the dough together with your hands. Let the dough sit while you prepare the remaining elements.


Odysea olive tapenade

Make the tapenade by adding the green olives to a small food processor or pestle and mortar, then process with 4 tbsp of the oil from the olives and the crushed garlic clove. Process until you have a chunky tapenade, then set aside.


Marinated courgette

Peel the courgette into ribbons using a vegetable peeler, lightly peeling the courgette into long thin strips from top to bottom, using the whole courgette, apart from the stem.

Place the courgette ribbons into a small bowl with the oil, lemon zest, chili and salt, then mix to marinade. Set aside while you cook the flatbreads.



Split the flatbread dough into four and flour a dry surface. Roll each flatbread out into a circle until it is 3-4 mm thick. Make sure there is enough flour, so that the flatbreads do not to stick to the surface or rolling pin.

Cook the flatbreads by heating a large frying pan on a medium heat and adding the flatbreads one by one to cook for 2 minutes on each side, until they are cooked through and lightly toasted.



As a wonderful picnic spread with each element ready to load onto the warm flatbreads, drizzled with the olive tapenade and extra glugs of olive oil to match your own taste.