Kalamata Olive Flatbreads with Caramelised Onions and Za’atar

These fluffy flatbreads by Niki Webster are utterly delicious & super easy to make. The salty, fruity sharpness of olives and the sweet caramel notes of the onions kneaded in the dough, give the flatbreads an umami rich flavour.

Any yoghurt will work well in here so you can make the recipe vegan, or just use Greek yoghurt if you already have some around.

Enjoy them warm, topped with the rest of chopped kalamata olives & onions, sprinkled generously with za’atar and few slugs of the best kalamata olive oil!


2 red onions cut into strips

2 tbsp Kalamata PDO olive oil

Salt and pepper



220g self raising flour

160g vegan yoghurt  (use greek yoghurt  if you just want a vegetarian version)

Big pinch sea salt

2 tbsp Kalamata olive oil

165g Big Kalamata olives drained


To Finish:

4 tbsp Za atar

2 tbsp olive oil extra for drizzling





To cook the caramelised onions;

Firstly cook the onions by adding the oil and sliced onion to a medium pan.

Fry on a low heat until soft and caramelised – aprox 12-15 minutes.

Season with salt and pepper.

Turn off the heat.


To make the flatbreads;

In a bowl, add the flour, yogurt and salt. Stir to combine until it comes together then transfer to a floured board.

Knead for a few minutes until you get a springy dough.

Now add in 1/4 of the olives and 1/4 of the caramelised onions.

Fold in and knead until they are incorporated well

Heat a large griddle pan or frying pan to medium.

Divide the dough into four then roll out the first flatbread.

Pop it on the griddle pan and top with onions and olives, za atar and olive oil

Allow to cook and char a little on the underside, then pop under a hot grill to cook and brown a little on top.