Theodore Kyriakou Recipes

Theodore Kyriakou

Greek chef Theodore Kyriakou was credited with changing the image of Greek food when he opened the ‘Real Greek’ restaurant in London’s Hoxton Market. The ‘Real Greek’ has won numerous awards including ‘Time Out Best New Restaurant Award’ and the prize for the most innovative menu at the ‘Fooding’ awards in Paris 2001.

He went on to expand the ‘Real Greek’ chain of restaurants by opening The Souvlaki & Bar in Clerkenwell and numerous other locations throughout London before selling the chain.

Theodore has co-authored three books ‘The Livebait Cookbook’, ‘Real Greek Food’ and ‘The Real Greek at Home’. His latest book 'A Culinary Voyage Around the Greek Islands' was published in 2008.

Theo Kyriakou's Greek recipes created especially for Odysea:

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