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Sweet Greece Odysea Honey Hamper

Sweet Greece Odysea Honey Hamper

Sweet Greece Odysea Honey Hamper (2.15 KG)


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For lovers of sweet and not so sweet things, this Greek Honey hamper brings together all four of our raw Greek honey varieties, each with its own unique character and distinctive flavour profile.

Odysea’s raw honeys are produced in Greece by artisan bee-keeper, Alexandros Gousiaris. Alexandros lovingly tends to his hives throughout the year, moving them seasonally to give the bees access to different native herbs and flora as well as protect them from harsh winter weather. Our honeys are raw, cold-extracted, unpasteurised and unprocessed, ensuring their nutritional properties and delicious flavours are preserved.

Our ‘Sweet Greece’ Greek Honey Hamper includes:

  • Pine & Fir Tree Raw Honey (250g) dark amber, with woody notes & a subtle sweetness – 2** GTA
  • Oak Tree Raw  Honey – Limited Edition (250g) robust honeydew with a complex character – 1* GTA
  • Spring Blossom Raw Honey – Limited edition (250g) delicate raw honey with subtle floral notes – 1* GTA
  • Orange Blosson Raw Honey – Limited edition (250g) the  newest addition to our range, with delicate floral and bright citrus notes

The bundle comes packed with our signature botanical themed cotton lunch bag, which  features the Victorian style illustrations from our Odysea labels.

Discover our full selection of raw Greek honey and gift hampers.

Additional Information

Sweet Greece Odysea Honey Hamper (2.15 KG)

Dietary Information

Vegetarian Yes
Vegan No
Gluten Free Yes
Lactose Free Yes
Nut Free Yes
Egg Free Yes
Wheat and Derivate Free Yes

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