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Odysea Greek Feta Cubes PDO (150g)

Odysea Greek Feta Cubes PDO (150g)

Made using Odysea’s signature PDO feta, conveniently cut in cubes & preserved in brine, ready to use for your salads & add to recipes.



Odysea Feta Cubes are made using Odysea’s signature PDO feta. This ready-to-use new size is ideal for keeping in the fridge, with its ultra-convenient format making it perfect for when you need a sprinkling of feta with minimum fuss. Enjoy the creamy saltiness of the cubes in simple salads of chunky tomatoes, slivered red onions and refreshing mint; add to a lunchtime omelette or pitta pocket with sweet roasted vegetables and crisp lettuce; or enjoy its tangy richness dotted through bowls of fluffy couscous at your barbecue or picnic.



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Water, Feta Cheese (Sheep and Goat’s Milk), Sea Salt

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