• "White Gold": The story of Roussas Dairy Feta production on Waitrose Food

    Posted on 3 November, 2017 by odyseaadmin

    Read the story of Feta production in Greece at Roussas Dairy in Thessaly, our long-term cheese supplier, as it unfolds step by step from the local sheep farmers to the coopers that make the Feta ageing barrels, published on Waitrose Food August issue.
    Writer: Katy Salty
    Photos: Adrienne Pitts
    Recipes: Maria Elia
    White Gold: The story of Feta production at Roussas Dairy in [...]

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  • Meatball Soup (Youvarlakia Avgolemono) A perfect winter warmer!

    Posted on 30 January, 2017 by odyseaadmin

    There's no doubt that Greeks love meatballs! These versatile, round, juicy little delicacies can be spiced and herbed in various ways, enough to cater for every mood. There are classic Greek meatball recipes where they are fried, baked, grilled or stewed showing off each time how simple ingredients can make a meal to nourish both [...]

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  • Vasilopita - Traditional Greek New Year's Cake

    Posted on 30 December, 2016 by odyseaadmin

    Vasilopita, a sweet start to the New Year

    So what’s New Year’s like in Greece? It’s party time of course. By and large, New Year’s Eve (and the following day!) is a greater celebration than Christmas, with all the anticipation for the arrival of the New Year. There are special customs and traditions to mark the [...]

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  • Green beans in tomato sauce (“fasolakia”) & Greek vegetarian cooking with olive oil

    Posted on 19 November, 2016 by Nikki Walker

    Traditional Greek cooking has a wealth of vegetarian recipes that use olive oil as the key ingredient. Such recipes are simple, easy to cook, everyday dishes that celebrate the abundance of seasonal vegetables or pulses. The olive oil enhances the natural flavour of the vegetables and adds richness and depth to the cooking sauce.  Recent [...]

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