Organic September

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Organic Odysea products

This September we are celebrating our organic produce. Organic food means food that works with nature, not against it. Our producers celebrate traditional farming and harvesting methods that give excellent quality products whilst making sure production is in line with the needs of environment. Below you can find some of our favourites:

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil PGI Chania

This olive oil is produced exclusively from organically grown Koroneiki olives in the Chania region, Crete, an area which is globally acclaimed for the production of top-quality olive oil and has been awarded EU PGI status. It’s an olive oil ideal for salads and dressings!

Organic Grape molasses, petimezi

“Petimezi" in Greek, our Organic Grape Molasses is an intense, sweetly aromatic syrup made from concentrated must of organic grapes grown in the Messinia region in southern Greece, an area famous for its vineyards. Grape molasses can give your marinades and dressings a special touch or stir into drinks as you would with cordial.  We have a favourite grape molasses cake too, petimezopita.

Organic Olives & spreads from Rovies

Our olives are hand selected and traditionally cured from the Rovies olive grove on the island of Evia in Greece. You can choose between the classic organic single estate Kalamata olives or our organic green olives, stuffed with pimento & pickled garlic, green olives with garlic or the classic flavour. All our olives are stored in brine with extra virgin olive oil and white wine vinegar that will keep them fresher and tastier for longer.

For a quick meze, we suggest spreading Rovies organic Kalamata olive paste or if you prefer the herby Green olive paste.

Rustichella Organic Pasta

No week is complete without a hearty bowl of pasta. You can choose from our organic rustichella pasta for all time classic spaghetti or linguini.

Organic Pressed Heirloom Tomatoes

Our Organic Pressed Heirloom Tomatoes sauce is produced by Alexandros Gousiaris on his family farm in central Greece. The vine tomatoes are grown from heritage seeds and non-GMO plants that are harvested by hand when they reach optimal ripeness on the vine. They are then pressed and strained to produce a "Perasti" sauce. Our sauce has a wonderful 'old-fashioned' flavour of home made strained tomato sauce.

Organic Feta Cheese

Nothing can beat a good feta cheese. Our organic feta is rich and tangy made in Greece with organic sheep and goat's milk. This delicious feta is not only delicious but it is naturally low in lactose and it is made following traditional methods on the island of Lesvos in Greece.

Fill free to pick and mix, on your favourite organic products.

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