Greek Meze, sharing plates

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Greek meze, sharing plates @odyseaThe beauty of Greek cuisine lies on its simplicity. A handful of good quality, seasonally harvested ingredients make a success of any dish you make. On our tables, we have meze, the small sharing plates.
Meze, or mezéthes in plural, are at the heart of Greek cuisine and hospitality. Similar to tapas, their Spanish cousins, these tasty tidbits can accompany you on just about any occasion: a casual evening with friends, a family gathering, an outing in the park for a picnic and weather permit, they will jazz up your BBQ. Think of crackers dipping into Kalamata olive meze and mouth-watering bruschetta meze or sundried tomato meze to top up your toasted baguette or pita breads.
Mezedips_EugeniaM_lowres-IMG_0006Introducing meze on your table will save you worrying about the courses or the seating. The plates are communal and the pace leisurely, it is all about feeding conversation. We have packed our favourites: sweet red pepper meze, aubergine meze, much like melitzanosaláta and roasted red pepper and feta meze so you don’t have to think twice. If you like it hot, there is harissa spicy meze that will certainly spice things up.
Meze is all about care free, casual dining that brings people together and enjoying each other’s company.
Pick your favourites, they are now 30% off:

Bruscheta meze topping
Harissa Spicy Meze
Roasted red pepper and feta meze
Aubergine meze
Roasted sweet red pepper meze
Sun dried tomatoes meze
Kalamata olive meze

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