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New Product: New Season Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Posted on 20 February, 2012 by ipadmin There have been 0 comments

iliada new season early harvest evoo

“extremely attractive, intense herbaceous tones and complex aromas...”

Iliada New Season Early Harvest extra virgin olive oil is produced from olives picked during the first weeks of the new season. The olives are harvested while the fruit is still green and are pressed within hours of being picked to ensure an oil of exceptional quality.

An extremely attractive and intensly herbaceous oil with complex culinary herb aromas of mint, bay and basil and a taste of soft fruits and a strong citrusy tang, followed by a building pepperiness and an aftertaste of sweet almonds.

The attraction of this oil is its rich and complex aroma which leaps out of the bottle as soon as you open it. The palate is less intense but with pleasant fruit and a zingy pepperiness which fades to a short but sweet after taste. This oil will appeal to those who appreciate a really well flavoured olive oil.

The Koroneiki variety of olives used for the production of the oil come from groves located at the foot of the Taygetus Mountain in Kalamata, in the province of Messinia of southern Peleponese in Greece, a region known to produce some of the finest olive oil in the world. The micro climate of this area combined with the mountainous landscape of the region and quality of the soil all contribute to producing a distinct olive oil.

Fresh extra virgin olive oil from the early harvest accounts for only 5% of the oil produced in the province of Messinia.

Produced in strictly limited quantities each bottle is individually numbered to guarantee exclusivity.

For more information about Iliada's New Season Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil please contact: Panos at info@odysea.com

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