What better gift to give this Christmas

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November 2011

What better gift to give this Christmas?

Beautifully boxed fine food gifts featuring exquisite selections of extra virgin olive oils and honey from Odysea

flavoured extra virgin olive oii gift set
Olive Oil with ThymeOlive Oil with BasilOlive Oil with Oregano


GIFT SET £11.99

• Odysea Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Thyme 250ml

• Odysea Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Basil 250ml

• Odysea Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Oregano 250ml

3 bottles of Greek extra virgin olive oil from Crete flavoured with Thyme, Basil and Oregano. Perfect for drizzling over salads or grilled vegetables to add a subtle flavour of the herb.

Greek food shop

Buy online at www.odysea.com and we’ll deliver them straight to your door, ready for you to give or to keep!

Greek Honey Gift Set
Greek Honey Gift Set jars


Odysea Orange Blossom Honey 120g

Odysea Pine & Fir Tree Honey 120g

Odysea Wild Thyme & Herb Honey 120g

Artisan honey from a small village in central Greece. Extracted cold and unfiltered to retain the beneficial properties.

EVO & Vinegar Condiment Spray Gift SetBalsamic Vinegar SprayExtra Virgin Olive Oil SprayCONDIMENT SPRAY GIFT SET £11.99

• Odysea Balsamic Vinegar Spray 250ml

• Odysea Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray 250ml

A light Cretan extra virgin olive oil and a dark, intense Balsamic vinegar with a well-balanced sweet-sour flavour. A great way to control the amount of product used packed in a stylish bottle. An ideal set to keep at the table for lightly dressing salads and grilled vegetables.

Odysea Christmas Gifts Download pdf

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