Great Taste Awards Winners 2010

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Great Taste Awards

The Great Taste Awards, organised by the Guild of Fine Food, is the acknowledged benchmark for speciality food and drink, and is the largest and most trusted awards scheme for speciality and fine food & drink.

The awards provide recognition for those who make truly great tasting food & drink and the Great Taste Awards symbol is your guarantee that a product has been through a rigorous judging process.

“GREAT TASTE is to speciality food and drink what MICHELIN is to fine dining”


Iliada PDO Exclusive Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Iliada Extra Virgin OilGTA_1

Exclusively selected from the finest Kalamata extra virgin olive oil from certified PDO mills and only available in limited quantities. Produced from the Koroneiki olive this is a fruity oil with grassy tones and a peppery punch.

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Odysea Pine & Fir Tree Honey

Odysea Pine & Fir Tree Honey
GTA_2Produced by an artisan beekeeper in the small village of Ilias, central Greece. Extracted cold and unfiltered so the beneficial properties of the nectar and pollen remain, a 100% pure honey. Vegetarian Society approved.

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Iliada PDO Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Iliada PDO Kalamata Extra Virgin Olie OilGTA_1

Produced from Koroneiki olives grown in the Kalamata region of southern Greece. Distinct grassy-green in color, with a robust herbaceous flavour which builds in the mouth to leave a pleasant peppery aftertaste.
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Odysea Green Cracked Olives with Lemon

Green Cracked Olives with lemonGTA_2

Hand picked olives from the picturesque single estate grove, Rovies, on the Greek island of Evia. Hand selected, traditionally cured Greek green olives marinated with lemon, garlic and coriander seeds, in extra virgin olive oil.

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Krocus Kozanis Aromatic Herbal Tea with Greek Red Saffron & Sage

Krocus Kozanis Aromatic Herbal TeaGTA_1

An organic blend of Rooibos tea and hand picked mountain herbs, including sage, peppermint, lemon verbena, thyme & rosemary with Greek red saffron.

Odysea Tomata Perasti

Odysea Tomato PerastiGTA 2009

Produced in the small village of Ilias, using only tomatoes grown from Heirloom seeds without the use of chemical fertilisers or insecticides, the tomatoes are carefully selected for ripeness before being harvested by hand, they are pressed and strained to produce a 'Perasti' sauce.

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