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Roussas Dairy

The majority of our cheese is sourced from the Roussas Dairy in Thessaly, Central Greece, an area acclaimed for the production of superior quality Feta. The dairy, founded in 1952 by the Roussas family, still adheres to traditional dairy producing methods passed down from their nomadic forefathers, the Sarakatsani.

The Roussas Dairy was founded in 1952 by the Roussas Family and has remained dedicated to the feta cheese production ever since. In order to achieve a truly authentic product, the taste of which can not be rivalled, the family has adhered to the traditional methods of production while its secrets have been passed down from their nomadic forefathers, the Sarakatsani, who for centuries roamed through the mountains of central Greece with their herds.

The Roussas product range includes feta cheese (protected designation of origin), organic feta (P.D.O.), goat cheese, organic goat cheese, kasseri (P.D.O.), kefalotyri, manouri (P.D.O.), strained yoghurt, galotyri (P.D.O.), anthotyro, myzithra, and feta spread.

All of the products are made exclusively from pasteurized sheep and goat’s milk, which mainly comes from the surrounding mountainous areas.

Roussas Dairy was the pioneer of organic feta production in Greece and remains the leading producer of organic Feta.

Roussas is also Greece’s leading producer of Barrel Aged Feta which is still produced using the traditional method in a wooden barrel.

Barrelled Feta cheese

Barrelled feta is fundamentally a more authentic and traditional method of feta maturation. The feta goes through the same production process as before, but it is formed in wedge-shaped moulds. It is then taken out of the moulds and packed tightly into beechwood barrels with dry sea salt. No brine is added to the barrel and the feta is left to mature in its own juices. Again, it matures for at least two months; this method creates a more intense, slightly spicy flavour. After the maturation process is complete, feta is best stored in brine to promote its delicious creamy texture.

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