new Amari Cretan Savoury Mizithra (150g)

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  • Amari Cretan Savoury Mizithra (150g)

Amari Cretan Savoury Mizithra (150g)

Amari Savoury Mizithra is a soft white cheese made with goat & sheep's milk in the Amari region at Rethymno of Crete exclusively with milk from local livestock. 

Mizithra is one of Crete's most renowned cheeses widely used in regional recipes and coming in different variations across the Greek island. Our Amari Savoury Mizithra is soft & spreadable with a creamy texture and fresh, milky aromas. It's the superior quality of the milk coming from herds grazing at the mountain and foothill areas of Crete, an island blessed with rich flora, that gives the Amari Savoury Mizithra its unique taste.

It has a slightly tangy taste and is widely used on our island as a salad cheese often in place of feta, which has more fat and is considerably saltier.</p>

Use on Greek salad instead of feta cheese or to make Cretan dakos - barley rasks topped with chopped tomatoes & mizithra cheese, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.

Perfect to use in pies or enjoy spread on a slice of sourdough with Greek honey for breakfast.

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Additional Information

Amari Savoury Mizithra, Cretan soft cheese made with goat & sheep's milk in the Amari region at Rethymno.
Producer Manoukarakis S.A "Amari Quality Cretan Dairy", Rethymno, Greece 741 00

Storage Information

Always keep refrigerated. Once opened, keep covered and consume within 5 days.


Pasteurised milk (70% goat's milk
30% sheep's milk)
starting culture

Nutritional Information

Nutritional values per 100g

Energy847 KJ / 204 Kcal
- of which Saturates11g
-- Monounsaturates4.6g
-- Polyunsaturates0.7g
- of which Sugars2.2g

Dietary Information

Vegetarian No
Vegan No
Gluten Free Yes
Lactose Free No
Nut Free Yes
Egg Free Yes
Wheat and Derivate Free Yes
For allergens see ingredients in bold

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