Rustichella Spaghettata Express Kit (770g)

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  • Rustichella Spaghettata Express Kit (770g)

Rustichella Spaghettata Express Kit (770g)

Launched as a limited edition gift set to celebrate World Pasta Day 2017, the Rustichella Spaghettata Express Kit includes all the necessary ingredients to cook the perfect pasta dish:

A packet of 100% Italian durum wheat bronze-die extruded Rustichella d'Abruzzo Spaghetti (500g), a jar of Sugo Pomodoro e Basilico (270g), the classic Tomato & Basil sauce of the artisanal Italian brand and a wooden fork to serve your pasta.

Available in a premium metal decorative tin featuring the Rustichella signature vintage-inspired artwork, the Spaghettata Express Kit is a quintessential gift idea for the pasta lover in your life.

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Additional Information

Rustichella Spaghettata Express Limited Edition Gift Set: a pack of Rustichella d' Abruzzo Spaghetti (500g), a jar of Sugo Pomodoro e Basilico (270g) and a wooden fork.
Producer Rustichella, Piazza dei Vestini, 20, Pianella 65019 (PE), Italy

Storage Information

Spaghetti: Store in a cool, dry place.

Sugo Pomodoro e Basilico: Once opened, keep refrigerated and use within 3-4 days.


Durum wheat semolina

Sugo Pomodoro e Basilico:
88% Tomato pulp
7% Extra virgin olive oil
1.5% Basil

For allergens see ingredients in bold

Nutritional Information

Nutritional values per 100g

EnergySpaghetti: 1493 KJ /352 Kcal | Sugo Pomodoro e Basilico: 474KJ / 113 Kcal
FatSpaghetti: 1.5g | Sugo Pomodoro e Basilico: 7.6g
- of which SaturatesSpaghetti: 0.3g | Sugo Pomodoro e Basilico: 1.1g
-- MonounsaturatesSpaghetti: 0.0g | Sugo Pomodoro e Basilico: 0.0g
-- PolyunsaturatesSpaghetti: 0.0g | Sugo Pomodoro e Basilico: 0.0g
CarbohydratesSpaghetti: 71.0g | Sugo Pomodoro e Basilico: 9.6g
- of which SugarsSpaghetti: 4.0g | Sugo Pomodoro e Basilico: 8.8g
FibreSpaghetti: 3.0g | Sugo Pomodoro e Basilico: 0.9f
ProteinSpaghetti: 13.5g | Sugo Pomodoro e Basilico: 1.4g
SaltSpaghetti: 0.01g | Sugo Pomodoro e Basilico: 0.80g

Dietary Information

Vegetarian Yes
Vegan Yes
Gluten Free No
Lactose Free Yes
Nut Free Yes
Egg Free Yes
Wheat and Derivate Free No
Contains Wheat
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